WW Smart Kitchen

WW Smart Kitchen is an innovative meal plan solution offering fresh food and locally sourced produce, delivered directly to the customers’ door. Accompanied by simple, step-by-step, SmartPoint Weight Watchers recipe cards and instructions, you can create healthy, delicious and balanced meals in your own home.


Whether you’re a family of four, single mum or dad, a couple or even an individual looking to eat right and make positive changes, WW Smart Kitchen is here every step of the way to guide you through your personal journey.


We wanted to take the stress and strain out of day to day tasks; completing your weekly shop, planning your meals, organising your day, so we’ve teamed up with the best suppliers to bring you WW Smart Kitchen.


Together with our specialist chefs and nutritionists, we have created great tasting, wholesome dishes which you can enjoy cooking with all your family.


We are passionate about real food grown and produced by real people and with our expertise, knowledge and guidance, we hope that you will take a leap and start smart with WW Smart Kitchen.


Let’s do this!


Food Waste

We never waste a crumb. When we have finished our day’s work and we have any little left overs, we don’t let these go to waste. We have teamed up with Fare Share – Greater Manchester, and are supporting all local charities in the area, providing them with the food they need.